Bulgarian students’ impressions from the mobilities in Lithuania

(actualisé le ) par Ioana Pavlova

One wonderful week
Hello, my name is Monika Gotsova. I am 14 years old.I am very fascinated by this city Vilnius. The girl who hosted me was Emilija Zubovaite. She is very sociableand friendly. All the students I met were very hospitable. The city was amazing, full of smiles and fun. I liked the unique architecture of the city. The school is very modern with a variety of cabinets. I will always remember my staying in Lithuania and Vilnius.

Hello everybody,
My name is Emiliyan Danailov and I come from Bulgaria.I was one of the Bulgarian students who visited Vilnius. At first i was impressed by Diana and her family’s warm welcome. I was also impressed by the school life in the Lithuanian school and the good attitude of the students and teachers towards me. I liked the nature and sightseeing in Vilnius.And the last but not the least the Lithuanuan food was very delicious.

Hello, my name is Simona Angelova and I want to share with you my impressions from my staying in Lithuania and in Vilnius. Lithuania is a wonderful country and Vilnius is an incredible city.There are many beautiful buildings in the city. The school is very big and modern. It was decorated in the spirit of the up-coming Christmas. We participated in many different interesting activities such as making clay figures, using different painting techniques, visiting museums and sighseeing. Lithuanian people are very kind and open-hearted. I made a lot of new friends. Now we are as a one big family. We still continue to communicate even the meeting is over.I hope to have the chance to visit this place again.