Memories from our first mobility to Vilnius, Lithuania

par Chara Mitrogogou

My trip to Lithuania was an excellent experience. First of all, I had the opportunity to come in contact with a different country, learn about its history and its traditions. In this way, I broadened my horizons and I enriched my knowledge concerning other European civilizations and cultures.
Furthermore, I exchanged ideas and opinions with other teenagers with a different way of thinking. The most important thing, though, is that I created friendships with unique persons which, I am sure, will last a lifetime. The reception at the airport and the hospitality of the Lithuanian families and students was just perfect. All of them made the best they could do to make us feel comfortable and have the time of our life ! I thank them from the bottom of my heart about this…..
Eleni Fasianou from Greece

Lithuania is a very beautiful country and I had the chance to visit many places there.
Except for the neighborhood where Sviesos Gymnasium is located we visited the capital, Vilnius, which was extremely brightly decorated as it was Christmas time. We also visited the castle in Trakai wonderfully built on a lake. We participated in numerous activities in a huge and very well-organized school, which brought us closer to each other. We also enjoyed visits in museums, a musical performance and a guidance in the Lithuanian Parliament. All together we went out talking about our school life, about our counties and our families. Unforgettable moments……
Antonia Kranitsa from Greece

Thinking about similarities and differences between my country and Lithuania I would say that Lithuania has lower temperatures and a heavy winter with a lot of snow while in Greece we have a mild climate and we rarely see snow. Lithuania is a smaller county. Greece has almost ten million inhabitants. The school had more facilities, more labs, a bigger playground, a refectory. Students there are free in the afternoons while the Greeks have evening lessons too. The buildings are completely different. Huge blocks of flats, no verandas, no colours. But lots of smiling faces, open hearts and perfect hospitality…
Iliana Polyzou From Greece