Izabele’s impression about the mobility in...

par izabele

Before going to Seville students wrote about their expectations for project in Spain. Now we can talk about reality. This week gave me some unforgettable memories, knowledge and acquaintances. I’m not scared to tell that I was really afraid of this week, because only me and my friend, 2 students were presenting our country - Lithuania.
But now I’m really happy because everything went really good and I’m very proud.
We were working in groups, visiting the city, center, different parks and monuments, talking, playing games, having video conference. Project helped me to get some experience talking in English, develop courage and confidence in myself. Now I know how school works in Spain, what’s the difference between our teaching.
I’m very glad and I feel a part of something very big and important, thank you !
Izabelė Jociūtė