Lithuania report

par Stéphane Daviot

[fond vert]PROJECT TITLE : T.R.E.E.S[/fond vert]
PROJECT NUMBER : 2017-1-FR01-KA219-037182_3

[fond bleu ciel]Project meeting in Vilnius Grigiskes „Sviesos“ gymnasium, Lithuania, 2017 December[/fond bleu ciel]

ATTENDEES : Asta Turskiene, Dalia Tarosaitė, Edita Sarkiene, Elena Arbaciauskiene, Audrone Galvanauskiene, Ricardas Dambrauskas, Ignas Muntrimas, Mari Dominyka Sadovskyte, Simona Statauskaite, Ieva Stalmakaviciute, Lukas Martinsonas, Emilija Ana Zubovaite, Izabele Jociute, Daina Kizyte, Andrius Klocok, Ainis Klimavicius,Paula Babonaite, Greta Cesnuleviciute, Ionna Pavlova, Dimitrina Georgieva, Simona Angelova, Monika Gotsova, Emilliyan Danai, Briana Sophia, Mitrogogou Chara, Polyzou Iliana, Kranitsa Antonia, Fasianou Eleni, Mathis Vergua, Victor Escalé, Manon Do Amaral, Claire Marot, Stéphane Daviot, Calleja, Resurrección,Páez, Isabel,Fernández, Laura, Párraga, Alejandro,Esteve Jaime

[fond orange fonce]Day 1, 11th December, Monday, 2017, 8.00-18.00[/fond orange fonce]

Project meeting started with the official greeting by the school, the principal of the school and the coordinator of the project greeted the project partners, there was a concert performed by the students of the school. All the participants had a visit around the school, short discussions with the students and teachers, exchanging the experience and educational systems, sharing the ideas. Lots of which occurred during the visit of the school museum. The project partners mentioned that establishing a school museum, knowing the history of the school can motivate the students. The transnational meeting - team building workshop lasted for two hours and it was a great experience for the teachers and students as well. We found out a lot of facts about each other which helped us to make friends. The transnational meeting-workshop in the afternoon took place in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. The project partners had an excursion in the parliament and the discussion with the member of parliament Juozas Lesys. It was a lesson of the cityzenship and Lithuanian history.

[fond orange fonce]Day 2, 12th December, Tuesday, 2017, 8.00-19.00[/fond orange fonce]

The project meeting started with the students attending the usual lesson. After the teachers having arrived to school, we had a transnational meeting-technology workshop at school. The project partners were divided in two groups. One of the groups was making traditional Lithuania Christmas tree toys with straw and the other one was working with clay, making magnets. The foreign students and teachers claimed that they got new knowledge about Lithuanian traditions and that the workshop encouraged their creativity. The transnational meeting - a tree ceremony took place in the yard of the school. The Lithuanian school presented the oak tree that was planted after the transnational meeting in France, as a symbol of the project. The project partners took a group photo. In the afternoon the project partners had the visit in Uzutrakis manor estate, a town of Trakai. The students of Lithuanian team guided an excursion. The transnational meeting-a workshop in Tiltai took two hours. The project partners were presented the Lithuanian traditions- making traditional Christmas cookies, dances, songs and customs.

[fond orange fonce]Day 3, 13th December 2017, 8.00-18.00[/fond orange fonce]

Project meeting started with the students visiting a lesson. The trasnational meeting-workshop at school was begun with a look back on our activities so far and by presenting the educational systems of the countries and discussing the results of the survey, that was carried out before the visit in Lithuania. The five countries compared the results. During next workshop the students all together performed the Christmas song in English and dance movements on the stage. Later the Bulgarian girl sang two songs to the participants. The atmosphere was so great that all the project partners started singing and dancing. The participants of the project had a video session on the etwinning platform. All the countries managed to join the video conference except Greece. The problem was with the sound and we arranged the video conference for the next day. While the students were having a workshop at school- Music lesson, the teachers were discussing the future plans-activities to be carried out after the visit in Lithuania, the activities that should be presented on the etwinning platform. There was made a feedback on the activities that already were carried out till that time. During the music workshop the students were learning to perform a traditional Lithuanian song and got acquainted with the traditional Lithuanian musical instruments. In the afternoon the project partners had a transnational meeting at the city - Art workshop. We visited The museum of V.Kasiulis, got to know about the life and art of the Lithuanian artist Vytautas Kasiulis, visited an exhibition with a guided tour. Afterwards all the partners had a chance to know and to make their own paintings using a litography technique.

[fond orange fonce]Day 4, 14th December 2017, 8.00-18.00[/fond orange fonce]

Meeting started with students visiting the first lesson while the teachers were summarizing what was agreed during last days. The French group introduced the project website they created and what should be shared on this page. Before meeting in Bulgaria we agreed to have video meetings to deal with possible issues. During the next workshop we had a logo contest. Before this the teachers agreed on the rules of the contest. Each country presented three best logos that were chosen in each country. At first the students chose the Bulgarian logo, but after some discussions the Spanish logo was chosen. The teachers and students came to the agreement that it was the best option for the project. Afterwards there was a transnational meeting-workshop at school- history lesson. All the participant were divided in the groups and had to work on the tasks about the five countries participating in the project. They had to find out the similarities and differences of France, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria. Later the participants of the project had a video session on the etwinning platform but again with no sound, so we agreed to check what was wrong and postpone the one that was planned on Friday. During the next workshop that was organised by the Lithuanian students we had discussion about the drop out and motivation. The students worked in groups and each of them had a chance to express their feelings about school, motivation, problems. There was a feedback. The students told their teachers and peers what could prevent them from dropping out from school. The following transnational meeting-workshop at school was a PE lesson. The students had a relay-race. It was a very exciting activity and made them to collaborate and compete at the same time. In the afternoon the project partners had a transnational meeting-workshop at the city. It was a visit at M.K.Ciurlionis house. The project partners had a chance to find out about art of M.K.Ciurlionis. They listened to the sounds of the piano music and watched the painting of the artist while his grandson was telling the stories.

[fond orange fonce]Day 5, 15th December 2017, 9.00-18.00[/fond orange fonce]

Meeting started with students visiting the first lesson while the teachers were again summarizing what was agreed during last days. Later in the morning the project partners had a transnational meeting-workshop at school - Art lesson. It was performed by the art teacher of the school. The students were making cards using different techniques. In the afternoon the students had a transnational meeting-workshop at the city. They visited a National Art Gallery in Vilnius, where they had a video guided tour. The teachers had a discussion about the whole week’s activities organised in Lithuania, the future project meeting in Bulgaria. In the late afternoon the teachers had an excursion in Vilnius-visiting the churches.

[fond orange fonce]Day 6, 16th December 2017, 10.00-18.00[/fond orange fonce]

There were offered different cultural events to the students by the host families : visiting a cinema, playing the sport games, enjoying the city at Christmas time-visiting fairs.
The teachers were offered a guided tour in the city- Unknown Vilnius.

[fond brun clair]Dalia - coordinator[/fond brun clair]