Proposals from Greece

par Aurélie Nguyen

The Greek ambassadors had a meeting to talk about ways and solutions concerning ending up or decreasing the dropout crisis. What they focused on was to :

  • Update school curriculum
  • Keep our classrooms layout more flexible (for either group or independent work)
  • Introduce unconventional learning materials (videos, innovative lesson plans)
  • Encourage discussion to make students’ thinking more critical
  • Incorporate humor into the classroom (to flourish their creativity)
  • Motivate students’ through rewards and recognition (to help them gain a sense of pride)
  • Enhance creative thinking, communication and collaboration through team building exercises
  • Use more technology /robotics
  • Make our school’s atmosphere shout “welcome” to parents, students and staff
  • Open school to society organizing performances, celebrations, parties (to create the best possible relationship with parents and public)