French suggestions to improve our live at school


French pupils has several ideas about what could improve pupils motivation and then prevent some pupils from dropping out :
First they had the idea of creating a wall where pupils would express themselves ; Of course no rude statements or drawings would be allowed.
They also had the idea of organsing days with special thelmes like the day of the Elegance and Courtesy. They are having one Thursday but we think it would be great to have more with different themes so more pupils would get involved and then they would be proud of being part of their school.
Another idea is that pupils, years 8 and 9, could sponsor- foster pupils, years 7 and 7. A pupil year 8 would be in charge of a pupil, year 6 for example. New pupils arriving in our school could be given a certain number of objectives to achieve and their "godfather" or "godmother" would help them achieve these different goals .
We also think it would be great to have a big screen to see the news every day, with programs on all day long.
They would love to have an area outside, where we could have our luch, when the weather is nice. So we could take our lunch boxes to school and enjoy the sunny weather. This area would have to be fitted for the purpose.
They would love to organise tournaments including different school subjects like sport.
They would love it if the sound of our shcool bell could be changed more regularly like once a month and the music chosen according to the votes of pupils.
They would love to use our mobile phones during breaks and at lunch time.