par Anna Maria

Anna-Maria Ivanova - Bulgaria
I think this project is useful because I learned so much about other countries culture. I met a lot of foreign students and they helped me to improve my English and I learned a little of their languages.
We had a lot of fun with the French girl, Pauline, who was my guest and we became friends ! It was cool and I think I’ll join other projects like T.R.E.E.S.- Erasmus again.

Pauline Leray – France
Saturday :
Our first plane went to Belgrade (Serbia). Then, we took a little plane to Sofia. We waited for the Lithuanians and the Greeks, and together, we went to Vratsa.

Sunday :
In the morning, with Anna- Maria, we visited Vratsa. Then, we went to the church, and we ate a Bulgarian cake. In the afternoon, we went to the mountain called Vratsata with Anna- Maria’s friends (Liana, Gabriel, Nikoleta).

Monday :
After 3 hours of bus, we went to a Bulgarian museum. There were a lot of houses.
Tuesday :
In the morning, we were welcomed with Bulgarian dances then, we visited the school.
In the afternoon, we painted a tree( our project name is T.R.E.E.S), and we voted for the most beautiful poster about promoting the project and France won !. In the free time,, we walked to the mountain with other students.

Wednesday :
In the morning, we danced, and we planted an ash tree.
In the afternoon we drew an egg for Easter. Then, we went to a park with a lot of students. Finally, We ate at Monika’s home.

Thursday :
We worked a lot in the morning about writing articles and we had a videoconference with France, Spain, Lithuania, Greece. It was fantastic !
In the afternoon we to ’God Bridge’.

Friday :
In the morning we went to a museum with our Bulgarian hosts. Then we had another videoconference with the French, the Lithuanians, the Spanish. In the afternoon we had some spare time and we bought some souvenirs.