Summary of the beginning of the travel

par Evan Le Moëlle

On the Sunday, I met Velislav’s family. His family lives in a house in a village near Vratsa. Before lunch, I met Velislav’s friends and I talked with them. For lunch, I ate a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. After lunch, I went for a walk next to a river with Velislav. The nature was beautiful.
On the Monday, I met other people from the different countries. They are very nice. We took a bus to visit a small ancient typical Bulgarian village. At the beginning, I could see a lot of mechanics who worked with water( for example a mill). In the middle of the village, there was a group of houses. In these houses, there were workshops, exhibitions and shops. This visit was so interesting and enriching.
On the Tuesday, it was the first time I have seen a Bulgarian school. Bulgarian students led us around the school. That was very nice ! When the visit was over, we went to a restaurant for lunch. The meal was good except the dessert. The dessert was a baked pasta with cheese but it was sweet : so strange for me. In The afternoon, we painted a tree, the symbol of the project Erasmus. I appreciated doing it.
On the Wednesday morning, we had a dance workshop. It was awesome. For lunch, we went to the same restaurant as Tuesday. The meal was better than the other one. In the afternoon, we changed some money (euros into Levas). After this, we had a snack with some friends. It was cool. And finally, we drew an Easter egg.

I really enjoyed my stay in Bulgaria, it is a nice country and people are really friendly.