Izabelė Jociūtė from Lithuania

(actualisé le ) par Dalia Tarosaite

I‘m Izabelė Jociūtė from Lithuania, now I‘m fourteen years old. I study in Grigiškių
„Šviesos“ gymnasium and I‘m on ninth grade.
I‘m friendly and warm person, but also I‘m very shy and little bit closed, but my
friends always say that I‘m funny. I enjoy spending my time alone or with close
people such as best friends or family. Usually after school I‘m having rest, reading
books, walking outside, watching films or playing games. Most of the weekends I
spend with my family at home or at the city with friends.
Last school year I was hosting a girl from Spain, and I‘m very happy because
everything went really good. Project helped me to get some experience talking in
English, develop courage and confidence in myself. The Erasmus + program is a
great opportunity for students who want to learn from their own and other
mistakes. Such projects allow me to feel part of something big, important and
Now I‘m getting ready for another project‘s part , we will travel to Spain, Sevilla.
Someone will be hosting me, we will be able to get to know about studying in other
county, get acquainted with foreign students, their culture, practise English,
communicate, and most importantly – get unforgettable experience, memories.